APNGBC BLOG : 31st Aug 2016

APNGBC Articles of Interest, August 2016

The following is a selection of articles from various sources relating to Papua New Guinea. Opinions and information expressed in these articles are the views of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Business Council or its members.

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8th August – IPA releases Opportunity, Issue 2

Including report on the 32nd Australia Papua New Guinea Business Forum, APEC Meets Business; Invites Private Sector Input, APEC strikes back against rise in bribery, Office of Registrar of Companies change of fees notice and more.

5th August - Politics and Public Policy Series Part 1: Politics and the Australia-PNG Bilateral Relationship (Harriet Smith, Aus-PNG Network)

The interconnections between Australia and Papua New Guinea can be explored through the lens of politics, which is inseparable from people. This series will explore politics, public policy, and leadership, in order to highlight the mutual importance of this bilateral relationship, and provide further points of investigation. Discussed here is the relevance of the politics and the history of the Australia-PNG relationship, along with current developments in this relationship.


29th July – State, Society & Governance in Melanesia release their latest discussion papers

Alcohol, Gender and Violence in Bougainville
(Richard Eves)

The Relationship between Violence against Women and Women’s Economic Empowerment in Bougainville
(Richard Eves)

Women’s economic empowerment is now seen to be a critical aspect of poverty reduction and development and is an important goal of the current Australian aid program. Economic empowerment initiatives generally focus on income-generating activities to enable women to acquire income independently of their partners. Given the importance the Australian aid program places on women’s economic empowerment, it is important to reflect on the relationship between economic empowerment and broader empowerment (Eves and Crawford 2014). This In Brief reports on research undertaken as part of the Do No Harm project in three districts of Bougainville: Kieta, Panguna and Tinputz, in October 2015.



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