APNGBC BLOG : 29th Jul 2016

APNGBC Articles of Interest, July 2016

The following is a selection of articles from various sources relating to Papua New Guinea. Opinions and information expressed in these articles are the views of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Business Council or its members.

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26th July – ABV released their latest Perspectives Newsletter including a postscript on Perceptions of PNG, particularly relevant given the recent tumultuous events taking place in PNG, it is important to understand and promote the many other complex and positive aspects of our nearest neighbour.

From Sarah O’Connor: Given the recent student protests and the response by the PNG police, it is incumbent on me to reiterate the sentiments of the article. We cannot ignore the challenges PNG faces, particularly in the lead up to the election in 2017. However, we should also recognise the changes taking place forty years after independence. As reflected in the feedback we have received, we have found that ABV volunteers are invariably happy to return to PNG and gain a further understanding of a country which is so close to Australia in proximity yet is extremely complicated with over 800 different language groups and cultures.

26th July - PNG doctors warn of nation-wide strike (ABC News)

Doctors in Papua New Guinea have given the Government until August 4th to respond to their demands and say there could be a nation-wide strike if it does not.

Members of the National Doctors Association had scaled back their work commitments as part of a push to pressure Prime Minister Peter O'Neill to step down and face police questioning over corruption allegations.


26th JulyFocused and happy - PNG's Toea Wisil out to run even faster in Rio (ABC News)

Fresh from achieving the Olympic 100 metre qualifying mark in Fiji two weeks ago, Papua New Guinea's star athlete Toea Wisil says she feels she can do even better in Rio.


25th  JulyPNG Supreme Court adjourns resettlement decision for refugees on Manus Island - by Joy Kisselpar in Port Moresby and staff (Radio Australia)

A court case involving five refugees at the Australian-run detention centre on Manus Island is adjourned until August 2 to allow time for Papua New Guinean lawyers to examine statements.


19th July - Oro Bridges destroyed by Cyclone Guba reconstructed

Three new bridges opened in Oro Province today will help connect local communities to markets and essential services. The bridges, opened by representatives from Papua New Guinea and Australia, will connect the road from Oro Bay to the airport and on to the provincial capital. See press release and picture


15th JulyA workshop took place in Port Moresby today to validate the final National Trade Policy.

The final document is a result of wider stakeholder consultation with European Union assistance under their Trade Related Assistance program-Phase 2 (EU TRA 2) by providing expertise.

The Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, Commerce and Industry had a local drafting team supported by local consultants put together this document. The aim of the workshop was to allow stakeholders to go through the policy to give their inputs and see if there are any issues that need validating to allow the policy to fine tune.

The policy sets out very clearly the rationale for having a National Trade Policy, setting a clear vision and mission.


READ: The Good Neighbour: Australian Peace Support Operations in the Pacific Islands 1980–2006

Early July saw the launch of The Good Neighbour the latest volume on Australian Peace Support Operations in the Pacific Islands 1980–2006. Launched by John Howard, this issue explores the Australian government's efforts to support peace in the Pacific Islands from 1980 to 2006… The main focus of this volume is Australian peacemaking and peacekeeping in response to the Bougainville Crisis, a secessionist rebellion that began in late 1988 with the sabotage of a major mining operation. Following a signed peace agreement in 2001, the crisis finally ended in December 2005, under the auspices of the United Nations. During this time Australia's involvement shifted from behind-the-scenes peacemaking, to armed peacekeeping intervention, and finally to a longer-term unarmed regional peacekeeping operation. Granted full access to all relevant government files, Bob Breen recounts the Australian story from decisions made in Canberra to the planning and conduct of operations.



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