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APNGBC NEWS : 10th Aug 2017
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Business Council of PNG releases 'Development priorities for 2017-22'

BCPNG releases 'Development priorities for 2017-22: Ideas from PNG’s business community'

— By Business Council of Papua New Guinea

The Business Council of Papua New Guinea have recently released a report entitled 'DEVELOPMENT PRIORITIES FOR 2017-22 IDEAS FROM PNG’S BUSINESS COMMUNITY'

BCPNG stated 'A prosperous PNG means a prosperous business sector. And a prosperous business sector means a prosperous PNG. This document sets out the business community’s ideas for achieving both.Over the past few months, the Business Council of Papua New Guinea has conducted a series of workshops, surveys, small focus groups and one on one consultations, all designed to bring together the views of PNG’s business leaders into one easy to read summary document.

It is our intention that this Report will pave way for constructive dialogue and partnership with the new Government of Papua New Guinea and the Business Leaders in promoting our development aspiration.

President of the Business Council, Mr David Toua provides a Foreward to the report which provides a great overview of its contents;

Papua New Guinea has a long way to go if it is to reach its development goals. Many current indicators paint a rather bleak picture of PNG’s economy, its community and its industry base. However at the same time the land abounds in opportunities for future development.

These opportunities, if harnessed, will go a long way to ensuring all of PNG’s citizens are afforded basic rights, that all have access to an equitable and efficient economy supported by robust and reliable institutions, and that all can benefit from trading in a dynamic and competitive marketplace.

This is the vision that the Business Council of PNG has for our future, and we know the government shares our vision.

This report marks the culmination of some three months of comprehensive consultation across a breadth of the PNG business community.

On the 13th of March and 15th of June 2017 workshops were held which brought together attendees from various companies, NGOs and business associations in PNG. The workshops were complemented by a series of surveys, small focus groups and one on one consultations.

This document provides the PNG business community’s perspective on four key elements of PNG’s private sector development:

  • Current state–where are we now?
  • Future state–where do we want to be?
  • Barriers–what stands in the way of achieving the future state?
  • Enablers – what factors will help us to achieve the future state?

The document concludes with a summary dashboard and preliminary action plan, which we hope will be a useful first step in establishing a collaborative and productive private sector strategy.

The Business Council of PNG looks forward to working with government in moving PNG forward. It won’t always be easy, and we won’t always agree, but if we work together we can transform PNG from a Land of Opportunity to a Land of Success. 


APNGBC commends BCPNG for the time and effort that has gone into the creation of this report and encourages all those with business interests to explore its contents.



About BCPNG: In 1995, the establishment of the Business Council Papua New Guinea was applauded by government leaders and business executives. This was largely due to its desire to build a robust government and business dialogue. Membership of the Council consists of major corporations in the agriculture, manufacturing, services, and extractive industries; State Own Enterprises; government regulators; Small Medium Enterprises and affiliated business associations. 


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