APNGBC NEWS : 22nd Jul 2016

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O'Neill survives no confidence vote 85-21

ABC's Radio Australia looks at the recent results from the much anticipated no confidence vote that took place on 22nd July, 2016

— By ABC - Radio Australia

Photo: Parliament votes in a no confidence motion against Prime Minister O'Neill. (Credit: ABC)

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O'Neill has survived a vote of no confidence in the wake of protests calling for his resignation.

Key Points

  • PNG's Supreme Court forced PM Peter O'Neill to face the vote brought by Opposition MPs
  • Vote follows high-profile student protests and allegations of corruption
  • Mr O'Neill says allegations are politically motivated and no confidence vote a waste of money

The no-confidence motion was denied, 85 votes in his favour to 21 against — well short of the 56 votes needed to unseat Mr O'Neill.

He had been forced by the Supreme Court to face the vote brought on by Opposition MPs, whom he blames for protests calling for his resignation. The vote comes after high-profile student protests against the Prime Minister and demands from doctors, pilots and port workers that he resign over a long-running corruption case. He has been fighting a warrant for his arrest on official corruption charges for two years, saying the allegations against him are politically motivated. Mr O'Neill earlier described the vote of no confidence as a waste of money. During the debate on the motion, his Government was accused of corruption, interfering with the processes of Parliament and not listening to the people.

Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Basil brought the motion against Mr O'Neill.

"To make the wrong decision here would be a mistake," he said.

"Today it is up to us on the floor to make a change."

The Opposition was accused of attempting to create instability, and Government MPs described the motion as malicious. The debate was truncated to just over one hour, with two speakers for the motion and two against. One of the speakers, Ben Micah from the People's Progress Party, who joined the Opposition before the vote, told Parliament the Government's days were numbered, despite the vote.

"Today you can hold your numbers, but you cannot run away from the truth that your Government is not going to last long," he said.

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