ISPs partner with SkyTel to ensure connectivity amidst natural disasters

Mar 17, 2024 | Blog, News

Internet service providers in Papua New Guinea (PNG) are turning to innovative solutions provided by SkyTel to maintain crucial connectivity in the face of uncertainty caused by natural disasters disrupting undersea cables.

SkyTel has implemented a solution utilizing C-Band satellite spectrum and geostationary satellite capacity from Intelsat to establish a link between Australia and Port Moresby. This initiative aims to reinforce PNG’s connectivity while essential maintenance is conducted on the damaged Coral Sea Cable System (CS2). By leveraging SkyTel’s robust and resilient satellite technology, PNG can maintain internet connectivity even during adverse weather conditions, ensuring uninterrupted service while the fiber optic undersea cable system undergoes repairs.

Recent events, such as the Tonga-Ha’apai volcano eruption and tsunami, along with periodic earthquakes in PNG, have underscored the vulnerability of fiber optic cables to natural disasters in the Pacific region. This highlights the necessity of diversifying internet connectivity solutions to mitigate risks associated with relying solely on one technology.

Evan Kirk, Senior Satellite Consultant at SkyTel, emphasized the crucial role of satellite services in restoring connectivity during natural disasters. He stated, “SkyTel continues to dispel the myth that satellite services have become redundant… Satellite services are relied on to restore essential services time and time again.”

Kirk further stressed the importance of integrating satellite communications into telecommunications infrastructure networks to ensure the strength and reliability of services for connected communities.

SkyTel’s commitment to delivering resilient satellite communication solutions demonstrates the valuable partnerships Australian businesses maintain with Pacific neighbors like PNG. By providing modern and dependable satcoms solutions during crises, SkyTel reaffirms its dedication to supporting the connectivity needs of Pacific communities.