LiteHaus International to host charity gala ball to bridge digital divide

Mar 17, 2024 | Blog, News

LiteHaus International, a leading organisation dedicated to tackling digital inequality, is set to host its highly anticipated 2024 Charity Gala Ball in Brisbane on May 11th. The event aims to celebrate achievements and raise vital funds to bridge the digital divide across Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

With three billion people still experiencing digital exclusion globally, and approximately one million Australian students lacking access to their own devices, LiteHaus International is committed to changing these statistics. The Gala Ball promises to be an inspiring evening filled with entertainment, networking opportunities, and chances to contribute to this important cause.

LiteHaus International’s focus on bridging the digital divide extends to Papua New Guinea, where significant challenges in infrastructure, connectivity, and technology access persist, particularly in remote and rural areas. This digital divide not only hampers economic development but also limits access to education and healthcare, hindering the country’s competitiveness in the global digital economy.

Since 2017, LiteHaus International’s Digital Infrastructure Program has made remarkable strides in Papua New Guinea. The program has successfully installed 189 innovative digital classrooms in primary schools, with an additional 160 slated for completion by 2023. These classrooms, the first of their kind in the country, benefit around 95,000 students and teachers, a majority of whom have never had prior exposure to computers.

LiteHaus International’s efforts go beyond mere hardware provision. The Digital Skills Passport, developed in-house, offers essential digital competency training materials for teachers. Additionally, through a partnership with Niunet PNG, an offline Internet experience has been established, granting access to over 6.3 million pieces of educational content in a curated learning environment.

LiteHaus International’s rapid deployment of computer labs, with a new lab installed every 48 hours, is addressing critical resource gaps in Papua New Guinea’s education sector. The organization’s commitment to providing quality education underscores the importance of digital inclusion in today’s world.

For those interested in attending the LiteHaus International’s 2024 Charity Gala Ball and supporting efforts to bridge the digital divide, tickets can be purchased via the provided link. Friends, family, and colleagues are encouraged to join in this meaningful initiative.

The event promises not only a memorable evening but also a tangible opportunity to contribute to transformative change in communities facing digital exclusion. Click here to buy tickets.