Unlocking the Potential of Oceania’s Maritime Landscape

Sep 11, 2023 | Blog, News

Pacific Marine Group’s Journey of Excellence in Marine Contracting

For over three decades, Pacific Marine Group (PMG) has been a formidable presence in the marine contracting industry, leaving an indelible mark of achievement across Northern Australia, Pa

The Alotau Wharf in PNG

pua New Guinea (PNG), and the Pacific region. With a diverse clientele spanning sectors as varied as mining, oil and gas, ports, tourism, construction, marine parks, research, and public sector departments, PMG has emerged as a trusted partner for complex marine projects.

A Legacy of Excellence
Since its inception in North Queensland, PMG has consistently demonstrated its prowess in marine contracting, earning a reputation for reliability, innovation, and commitment to quality. With a track record that speaks of enduring success, the company has thrived in challenging environments, contributing significantly to the development of the region.

Papua New Guinea: A Second Home
PMG’s deep-rooted presence in PNG exemplifies its dedication to regional growth. For the majority of its 30-year history, PMG has been a vital contributor to PNG’s infrastructure landscape. Recent accomplishments stand as a testament to their commitment to the nation.

Alotau Provincial Wharf: A Catalyst for Growth
In the heart of Milne Bay Province, PMG has left an indelible mark with the construction of the Alotau Provincial Wharf. This critical project, funded by the Asian Development Bank and DFAT through the Climate Change Development Authority, not only connects Alotau to about 600 outer islands but also serves as an economic lifeline for the entire region. An impressive feat of engineering, this wharf saw components prefabricated off-site, with local PNG-owned companies subcontracted and numerous locals employed, showcasing PMG’s dedication to community involvement.

Community Engagement: Making a Difference
PMG’s commitment to community engagement in PNG goes beyond bricks and mortar. In an industry often challenged by gender disparity, PMG has achieved remarkable results, with an estimated 25 per cent female engagement in the Alotau Wharf project—significantly surpassing industry averages. Furthermore, PMG, in collaboration with funding bodies, has allocated resources to combat HIV/AIDS/STIs and promote gender-based education. Their local safeguards team has set the standard for engagement, conducting educational sessions and distributing resources across Milne Bay Province.

Sailing Forward: Future Endeavours
PMG’s dedication to PNG continues with ongoing projects like the Lombrum Naval base. Their recent installation of 43 navigation aids in remote areas reflects their adaptability and technical expertise. The company’s portfolio also includes works such as the Kikori River Cathodic Protection Stations, River Signage for Oil Search Ltd (funded by JICA- the Japan International Cooperation Agency), and the design and build of the ocean outfall pipeline for the Port Moresby Sewerage Treatment Network. The outfall pipeline, a marvel of engineering (900m long, 900mm diameter), involved the successful transplantation of 240 live corals that lay in the outfall path.

Charting a Course for the Future
With PNG emerging as a growth area for PMG, the company is actively nurturing relationships in the region. Collaborations facilitated by Austrade play a pivotal role in PMG’s vision of sustainable growth and lasting impact in Oceania’s marine contracting sector. Pacific Marine Group’s legacy is etched in steel, concrete, and the communities it serves. With unwavering commitment and a relentless pursuit of excellence, PMG continues to shape the maritime landscape of Northern Australia, PNG, and the Pacific.