APNGBC BLOG : 4th May 2017

Why join the Australia Papua New Guinea Business Council?

If you are considering membership of the APNGBC, here are some great reasons to join to help you in making your decision. We are always happy to discuss any membership questions you may have. Just give us a call!


Why become a member of the Australia Papua New Guinea Business Council?

By joining the APNGBC, you are joining a strong and established network of businesses operating in Papua New Guinea. Our members share a combined experience of hundreds of years operating in Papua New Guinea. As a member, you gain access to this community through our network, events and business missions throughout the year as well as being kept up to date on important news, developments and policy changes taking place through our regular communications. 

PNG and Australia share a special history, however, as a region for doing business, PNG is not always straightforward, it does however, provide great opportunity and experience for Australian businesses willing to engage with PNG in the right way. Those that do are rewarded for their efforts with strong and lasting business relationships, success and growth for their business, and of course, memorable experiences in this diverse and culturally rich nation. PNG is full of opportunity for Australian Business.

The APNGBC was established in 1980 with the aim of providing a framework within which the private sector can communicate with the Australian and Papua New Guinea governments at the highest political and policy advising levels with a view to finding solutions to trade and investment issues involving the two countries. It also provides members with an all-important network.


Who are the members of the Council?

Membership of the Council includes a wide range of industry groups, from large corporations, to SME’s and small family companies.

Some of the industries represented include aviation, shipping, trading companies, freight forwarding, manufacturing, transport, accountancy/audit, management and business consultancy, insurance, media, building & construction, manufacturing, tourism, banking, petroleum, tobacco, food/confectionery, legal services and mining. 


What are the benefits of being a member?

The benefits of membership are many and varied and what you can get out of membership correlates with your engagement with the Council. 

Some key benefits of membership include;

  • First invitation to participate in events, meetings and business missions coordinated by APNGBC and our partner events, member discounts for select events.
  • Regular news and updates  on topics relating to Papua New Guinea business, economy and current news and events.
  • Opportunity for input into private sector dialogue with the Governments of Papua New Guinea and Australia.
  • Access to a strong business network of members with established knowledge and experience in PNG.
  • Full access to our online business hub.
  • A range of exclusive member benefits with our partner airlines, hotels and more.


What type of membership is available?

There are two classes of membership available for businesses or individuals to join the Council.  These are:

Full Member: A Member who carries on business in Australia and/or Papua New Guinea;

Associate Member: A person who is a nominee of a department of the Government of Australia or Papua New Guinea or of the governments of any of the States or Territories of Australia, or of the Provinces of Papua New Guinea, or a nominee of a university, college or similar institution.

To view current membership rates, click here

To download a membership application form, click here.

You can also learn more about the Business Council on this website or by calling +617 3348 5142.


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