Australia Awards propel Papua New Guineans towards aviation excellence

Apr 7, 2024 | Blog, News

In a concerted effort to uplift the skills and expertise within Papua New Guinea’s aviation sector, Australia Awards has been instrumental in empowering over 1,400 Papua New Guineans since 2011 to pursue extensive studies in Australia. Among these beneficiaries is Philip Takirua, a testament to the transformative impact of such initiatives, having graduated with a Bachelor (Honours) of Aviation Management from Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne.

Philip’s journey epitomises the essence of these scholarships, as he transitioned from his role as an Assistant Air Traffic Controller with PNG Air Services Limited (now Niusky Pacific Limited) to seizing the opportunity provided by the Australia Award Scholarship to pursue both his bachelor’s and honours programs.

Studying in Australia not only equipped Philip with theoretical knowledge but also immersed him in real-world scenarios crucial for honing his skills and bolstering confidence in his field. His engagement in prestigious events like the Aviation Expo, Australia Engineering Expo, and the Australian Air Show, alongside hands-on experiences such as participating in airport emergency exercises at Essendon Fields Airport, offered invaluable insights into the nuances of aviation management. Additionally, his tenure as President of the PNG Swinburne Students’ Association fostered leadership skills and cross-cultural understanding.

Reflecting on his journey, Philip emphasised the profound impact of his ‘highly recognized’ qualification, attributing it to his progression into managerial roles across various esteemed companies. From serving as an Aviation Coordinator with Inter Oil to assuming the role of Airport Manager at Exxon Mobil and later Newcrest Mining Limited (Newmont PNG), Philip’s trajectory underscores the transformative power of education in unlocking career opportunities.

Moreover, Philip’s experience and knowledge gained through the scholarship have enabled him to play a pivotal role in mentoring and guiding aspiring aviation professionals, emphasising the importance of adherence to aviation regulations and safety protocols.

In an encouraging message to prospective scholarship applicants, Philip extols the virtues of seizing such opportunities to broaden one’s horizons, gain international recognition through esteemed qualifications, and contribute meaningfully to the advancement of Papua New Guinea’s aviation landscape. As Papua New Guineans like Philip continue to thrive and excel, the Australia Awards remain steadfast in their commitment to fostering excellence and driving sustainable development across the region.

Australia Awards contribute to the long-term objectives of promoting growth and stability in our region, as well as strengthening links between people and organisations to enhance mutual understanding and cooperation.

Australia Awards Scholarships provide opportunities to citizens of participating countries, for full-time undergraduate or postgraduate study at Australian institutions.